Wedding Ring Styles

Precise Elegance

Our wedding rings are carefully designed and manufactured with German technology and precision. Rauschmayer has been a leader in the creation of Wedding Bands for more than 70 years.

The custom of giving wedding rings started in Ancient Rome and was initially part of a dowry and a promise of fidelity. The custom of exchanging two rings on the day of marriage began in Europe during the middle ages. Initially, in the US and Canada, rings were offered to women, but in the 20th century they adopted the exchange as well.

Styles of wedding rings have adapted over the years and become more and more sophisticated with considerations of creativity, comfort, luxury, elegance, durability, and identity. As a result, today, styles of wedding rings vary in as much as personal taste.


Metal: Our wedding bands are created in 14k or 18k gold. White and yellow gold bands are the most common colors for men and women. Our white gold uses nickel free alloys with a brightness that rivals Platinum. Rose gold have been trending recent years. This reddish/pinkish gold plays well against a woman's finger, but when combined with another color, or lined with black diamonds, men discover that rose gold can be stylish and masculine as well.

Two tone: No need to choose just one! Two tone rings are ever more popular. Using methods by either fusing two different color of metals together or laying one color over the top another, we create two tone rings. These styles are can be subtly classy or contemporary and edgy.


Domed or Arced: The ring can be arced from the edges created a domed effect. Different rings have different degrees of curvature in the arc.

Flat: Flat rings also have great appeal. Flat rings are simply rings with a flat surface and flat sides. They offer a look of precision and technicality which are often appealing to men.

Concave: In a concave ring the surface of the ring curves inward creating a unique and memorable look.

Usually the inner portion of the ring is slightly curved creating comfort for the wearer. Some types of rings this is not possible. Inner shape and outer shape can vary, and in some cases multiples shapes can be applied to the structure of singe ring.


High Polish: A high polish ring creates the maximum reflection of light and offers the most shine. It is the most popular of all finishes and really makes a ring stand out when worn.

Satin: A satin ring has the look of a high polish ring but doesn't reflect the light keeping an elegant look without drawing too much attention.

Matte: A matte finish is used to dull down the shine and give a flat look that is not shiny nor reflective of light. It is a subtle way to go.

Brushed: Brushed finishes are created with tiny scratches on the surface of the metal, Depending on the type of brush finish the scratches may all go in one direct across the ring, with the curve of the ring, diagonal, criss-crossed, or even circular creating multiple different looks and textures. This is a more contemporary look. Some brushed finishes give an elegant satin similar look while others offer a more unique stylized appearance.

Milled or Hammered: These are methods to create unique textures on the surface of the ring. These type of textures extremely vary in their looks by either creating a unique modern feel, or quite the opposite by making the ring feel as if it were just created with an artisan pulling gold from the fire.

Sandblast: Sandblast rings have a rough look that is created by an abrasive hitting the surface. The look offers no shine, yet the rough texture is often appealing to men.

Multiple textures can be applied to a single surface and is quite common, such has shiny high-polished edges with a texture, satin, or brushed strip down the center.


Diamonds: Adding diamonds is an easy way to add a bit of elegance and luxury to your ring. Often people will choose a single diamond prong set or flush set. Others will choose to have a row of beautiful pave set stones that wrap around the ring. For men, a ling of black diamonds may have a strong appeal. For the Chic woman, she may like nice flush set diamonds oddly spread throughout the ring.

Metalwork: Millgrain or filigree are metal working methods used to create unique designs on the surface of the ring. These can be used to create more modern looks, but mostly is used to give vintage look.

Carving or etching: With modern technologies it is possible to really create interesting designs in the ring by cutting into the surface in ways that were not possible before. This allows for the possibility of fine grooves or detailed cut designs.