Finding The Perfect Wedding Ring

Finding The Perfect Wedding Ring

Start Your Ring Search Early

Give yourself at least two months before the wedding date. You’ll need this time to browse, research prices and revisit rings that catch your eye. Remember the ring which you at the shop for $5000 could be available online for $4000; online shops don't have the retail infrastructure and don't need the same margins. Webshops have lower running costs, thus that benefit is transferred to their clients. When you finally know what kind of ring you like, make certain you buy from a reliable source such as Rauschmayer. A wedding ring is a ring you purchase for life, you will want to make certain that you have the trust and support of a company that understands this and will be there for you if you have any issues.

Choose Something You Can Wear Everyday

The perfect wedding band is something you can wear every day, in all situations and to all functions, formal or casual. For this reason, you may search for styles at the trendier side.

Choose Style Which Fits Your Lifestyle

There are many popular wedding bands styles for everyone. Classic wedding bands are the traditional, elegant and most popular ones. Eternity bands symbolize love and togetherness forever, stackable wedding bands give luxurious appearance. Choose what fits you the most.

Match Your Wedding Band

Often couples choose matching wedding bands. A beautiful matching set often consists of rings with the same style, but the women's ring may be enhanced with diamonds and the men's ring has a singular diamond or just metal. All of our styles have both a man and woman's version. This is, however, nothing wrong with a little individuality.  Rauschmayer has a tremendous collection to mix and match.


Make sure it fits well. A wedding ring should be loose enough to comfortably slide over the lower knuckle on your ring finger, yet snug enough that it won't twist or move once in place. You can use our Virtual Ring Sizer to find your appropriate Ring Size.

    Virtual Ring Sizer

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