How to Choose the Perfect Diamond

How to Choose the Perfect Diamond

4Cs of Diamonds – Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat are the most important characteristics of to understand while choosing a diamond.

The 4 C's:

Cut - it depicts the extent of the edges and the remainder of the significant ascribes you have to look at when making a buy. It alludes to the diamond’s brilliance and transparency.

To begin with, distinguish the diamond’s shape that most appeals to you. If you happen to have no clue of any ideas and can't discover, consider a round or princess shape.

A True Hearts diamond is a round or princess cut diamond that exhibits a near flawless Hearts and Arrows pattern of perfect optical

Clarity - It tells you how clear a diamond is. There is a scale that you need to be aware of. “F” (flawless) showing precious stones without imperfections or inclusions to “I” (inclusion) - stones that have visible inclusions.

Color - Jewels get an evaluation for the measure of shading they contain. Color scale moves from D-Z, where D-F colors are considered near colorless. Starting from color “F” you will be able to notice yellowish tint when observed from different directions.

Carat - Carat alludes to the weight of the jewel. But it does not necessarily mean more carat, bigger diamond will appear. Diamond of same carat might appear bigger or smaller depending upon its cut. Poorly cut diamonds often look smaller and darker compared to nicely cut diamonds of same carat.

First of all, Set a carat weight minimum based on your preferences. Then, Begin with the most noteworthy quality jewel of the shape and carat weight minimum, and start decreasing the quality until you stumble on a loose diamond that accommodates your budget.