Ring Types

When purchasing an engagement ring, the most vital thing to consider is that an engagement ring will be worn throughout a persons life in all situations. Therefore, the engagement should really suit the persons personality. Below is a list of common styles. Whatever your taste, from classic to modern, or something more designer, we have the right ring  for you

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire rings are the most popular of all engagement rings. A solitaire ring features a solitary stone and is designed to enhance the attractiveness of a single stone. It is straightforward and ageless making a direct statement. Most solitaire rings have four prongs holding the center stone. Others have six or even an odd number. This often depends upon diamond shape and size.

Pavé Engagement Rings

The word "Pavé" comes from the France and originally means to cover with stones.  Pavé rings consist of a path or area covered in small diamonds with very small prongs. These diamonds help to highlight the center stone and give the overall ring a diamond brilliance. Usually diamonds with round or princess shape are used as center stones with this type of setting. Most often, center stones with this type of ring are basket-set, prong-set, or bezel-set.

Channel Set Engagement Rings

With this type of setting a channel or groove is created along the shank (or bottom part of the ring under the stone). Diamonds are set into the groove in a single path. The stones sit flush with the band, and subsequently, channel set rings are sturdier than other ring types and less inclined to catch on apparel. Channel engagement rings come with a variety of shapes and cuts.

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

As the name suggests, the ring consists of three main diamonds. Usually the center diamond is larger, with a slightly smaller diamond on each side of the center. Three stone rings carry a few meanings in different cultures: Past, Present, and Future; or Love, Friendship, and Fidelity.  The center stone is typically set higher to supplement the side stones and add profundity to the ring. Most often people like round and princess shape diamonds for three-stone rings, however, very nice combinations with Pears and Marquise create elegant looks that really enhance the ring.

Tension Set Engagement Rings

Being a cutting edge individual, this may be the elegant ring that fits your style. A diamond is held in position by the physical force of the ring metal. The name originates from the weight and strain utilized upon the valuable stone. Due to the constraints and look of the setting type, these rings are most often set with round stones.

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are the second most popular types of engagement rings. In this type of ring, the center stone is enhanced with a pave row of diamonds that tightly wraps around the center like a halo. Sometimes, even two rows are added. The smaller stones play a significant role in the whole appearance of the engagement ring adding to its overall brightness, while making the center stone appear larger in size at first glance. This effect can usually be applied to any shape of center stone.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage and antique-style engagement rings often call back to specific periods of jewelry making: Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Deco. The often use intricate metal crafting techniques such as engraving, filigree, or milgrain.  These types of rings are usually intricate and uniquely built with a timeless charm. They are usually designed to fit a single stone shape that is consistent with the rings design.