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Ultimate buying guide of GIA-certified loose diamonds.

by rauschmayer

GIA-certified diamonds, people in mid of the diamonds quest might know where we are headed with this reference. 

We understand that choosing the perfect Diamond can be overwhelming with the pool of different jewels available in the market. Hence, this article discusses why purchasing GIA-certified diamonds is worth the cost. Take into account the following detailed diamond-buying advice. Although each person’s diamond quest is different, this is an excellent place to start.

The ultimate buying guide of GIA-certified loose diamonds for those still trying to figure out where to head on the search mission to find the Ideal Diamond.

Why should one purchase GIA-certified loose diamonds?

The popularity of loose engagement diamonds is growing for a variety of reasons. Couples who choose this choice typically have a lot on their minds, so they search for options that are relevant to their concerns. Couples buy loose GIA diamonds for a variety of reasons, including the following: 

  • It can be mounted in Numerous Design Options:

There are countless design options if you have GIA-certified loose diamonds up your sleeve. When purchasing mounted diamonds, couples are frequently constrained by the styles offered. Couples who are quirky or creative cannot think beyond the box to identify the style of design they love the most. So, a loose diamond and a jeweler with the necessary skill set for creating jewelry from uncut stone are all required to craft your perfect design. This way, one can adopt quirky fashion and contemporary trends and create a unique ring using raw stone.

  • GIA-certified loose diamonds are another name for safety

Mounted diamonds will never be as safe and secure as loose diamonds. Additionally, unlike loose diamonds, you can only see the visible portion of the mounted Diamond. Hence, making the right choice would be easier for you if you couldn’t see the stone wall.

When you purchase GIA-certified loose diamonds, they will always be accompanied by the required legal paperwork and certification from respected organizations to be accepted. Therefore, you can always choose to verify the Diamond’s origin, all thanks to a certificate from GIA or other reputable institutions.

  • GIA-certified loose diamonds retain their value longer

Compared to diamonds already set into jewelry items like engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, certified loose diamonds retain their worth longer. Although the value of diamonds might fluctuate over time, certified diamonds are always worth more. If you’re considering purchasing a piece of jewelry that has already been set, consider purchasing the stone separately online and creating a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece. GIA-certified loose diamonds will retain their worth longer than an item containing uncertified diamonds since it was first set into a bespoke setting by a qualified gemologist.

Are all diamonds certified by the GIA?

Only some diamonds have undergone grading, even though there are far more GIA-graded diamonds than buyers(pun – intended).

Ask to see the grading report for your Diamond to confirm that the GIA graded it. The report includes a unique number occasionally etched on Diamond’s girdle and a thorough evaluation of the Diamond’s 4Cs. You can check the Diamond’s GIA grading and view all its grading information by entering the report number into Report Check, GIA’s online global report database.

Rules to follow before you visit stores to purchase GIA-certified loose diamonds

One can successfully purchase loose diamonds only when one follows specific Rules. 

Why are these Rules? These rules can keep anyone purchasing GIA-certified loose diamonds safe from all frauds.

  • Compare costs:

You will better comprehend the pricing for such a piece in the market after you know the quality range and size you’re looking for in your Diamond. To avoid making a hasty choice, visit a few jewelers and make a particular choice while keeping the price in perspective.

Sometimes salespeople will use the promise of a “discounted price” to entice you into buying their gem. However, your market research and purchasing from authorized institutions and jewelry stores are recommended. The lowered price may still be higher than what some competitors are charging.

  • Requesting a closer look under magnification:

Only purchase the GIA-certified loose diamonds after closely examining them. There are likely to be cracks and scratches on your Diamond, so make sure to inspect it closely. Using the appropriate magnification to view the Diamond would be beneficial because it would reveal all internal flaws. You will be able to determine Diamond’s same quality with a better look at the stone.

  • Never overlook a diamond Certificate:

A certificate for Loose Diamonds online is essentially an official document that thoroughly explains every quality a diamond piece might have. The certification, which attests to the most crucial diamond properties, is verified by the GIA and has legal validity worldwide. The certification will have a thorough list of properties, and the diamond item you’re purchasing will be assessed according to its features.

The certification serves as further support for the claims made regarding the diamond jewelry by your Jeweler. Any claim made by the salesperson that isn’t supported by the certification should be discounted and not taken into consideration when making your purchase. Also, check the certificate’s validity; the GIA or another official institution should have granted it to prevent fraud or deception.

  • Time Management is a necessity:

Is this Diamond a present, or will it soon be used as the ring to propose? When buying loose diamonds, consider the time it will take to find, choose, and put the Diamond in a setting. To speed up the process, try to buy a loose diamond first before deciding on a set. With this approach, you can have all the benefits of purchasing GIA-certified loose diamonds while delivering them as quickly as feasible.

Know How to keep your Diamond safe? 

After you make a purchase, what are the other steps you should take into consideration? GIA-certified loose diamonds are best kept by keeping it safe in a plastic or parcel-paper box with its grading report. If you’re planning to store it in a box, make sure there is padding to keep it from moving. Remember that diamonds can scratch and chip other diamonds.

It is not suggested to wrap a loose diamond in a twist of paper or cotton and conceal it within a jewelry box because too many stories of diamonds were mistakenly thrown away.

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Ready to Shop with Confidence?

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