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How To Style A Wedding Band And Engagement Ring Together? 

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We tend to think about jewelry constantly. There’s more to it than just ogling over diamond sizes and carat weights, even though we’re fixated on examining celebrity engagement rings and monitoring wedding band trends. Engagement ring and wedding bands are surrounded by history and sentimental significance in their gifting, receiving, and wearing. And now that you’re considering how to stack your own bands, you might be wondering how to wear your wedding band and engagement ring together. Is there a right and wrong answer? Which one initiates, the engagement ring or the wedding band? Does the order of the wedding bands online and engagement ring matter? Here is a succinct response: You are entirely in charge. 

How To Stack Both Engagement & Wedding Rings Online That Looks Breathtaking

You won’t find a rule dictating the “correct” arrangement of the wedding band and engagement ring here. The choice to paint ultimately rests in your hands and on your canvas. Couples today are very interested in expressing their individual styles. Instead of asking us what they should do, we find that customers are thrilled about selecting their own band and ring combo. Here are a few typical methods to stack wedding bands online to get you started.

Stack It On the Left Hand 

The most typical approach to wearing your wedding and engagement bands is to stack them on your left ring finger, wedding ring first, engagement ring second. The 3rd finger on your left hand, which is today known as the ring finger, was thought to be related to the heart through a vein known as the “vena amoris,” or the vein of love, in ancient Rome. Although we now know that each finger’s vein leads to the heart, the romantic tradition has persisted in Western culture. Certain nations, including the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, and many Asian nations, are known for this left-handed ring-wearing tradition. 

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Stack It On the Right Hand 

The setting you live in or the cultural customs you are used to may dictate how you wear your wedding and engagement ring. While it is customary in many Western nations to wear wedding bands on the left hand, in Northern and Eastern European nations like Russia, Poland, and Denmark, it is more typical to see couples wearing their engagement symbols on the right hand. Additionally prevalent there are India, Greece, Spain, and Portugal. Additionally, in some nations, such as Brazil, after exchanging vows at their wedding, a couple may wear their wedding bands on one hand and switch hands.

Quick Tips To Match Wedding Band With Engagement Ring 

Be Open While Choosing Both

Try on a variety of rings with your engagement ring before choosing your wedding bands online to get an idea of what you like and don’t like. Even while a simple band might not be your style, if your engagement ring is fairly ornate, they might be ideal together! Looking at wedding rings on their own can be deceiving; to get a true sense of their appearance, place them on your finger next to your engagement ring. 

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Do The Matching Rightly

As a general guideline, if you like a neater, more consistent appearance, it’s an excellent approach to match the width of your wedding band to the band on your engagement ring – thin with thin, chunky with chunky, etc. However, there are no such rules when it comes to style, so you can wear whatever you choose. Select wedding bands online and go to the matching bands’ section, and pick your vibing pair. 

Try Choosing The Same Metal Color For Both 

Keep the metals consistent between your wedding band and engagement ring, such as platinum with platinum, etc., unless you really want to make a statement. If money is an issue, you can make trade-offs by combining white god and palladium or sterling silver, for instance. Your wedding band can always be upgraded in the future. You can go with the same metals as they make powerful statements or you can choose to go with the complimentary ones to reflect a stylish statement. 

Contoured or V-Shaped Wedding Bands

If you wish to make a perfect stack, choose the contoured or V-shaped bands, as they fit precisely, and snuggle rightly with your engagement ring. 

Choose Curved Wedding Bands Online

Your engagement ring’s contours are encircled by a curving wedding band. This might not sit flush with the band of your engagement ring, depending on the design. As it totally depends on the design of the engagement ring, you may have to select the perfect piece that defines you and your style rightly. For a Vintage style engagement ring, go with the curved bands, as it compliments them rightly and brings the gleaming beauty of stacking. 

Soldering The Rings 

Those who are content to wear their wedding bands and engagement rings separately, with all of the benefits and drawbacks it entails, might not be familiar with the term “ring soldering.” In essence, a larger ring is created by joining the metals of the two rings during this procedure. It happens for a variety of reasons, but the end result is a ring that fits properly, is stable, is always in the center, and requires less re-plating because the rings are no longer rubbing against one another. Some people prefer the concept of fusing the two rings into one after the wedding. For them, it has symbolic and deep value. While soldering does address many ring-related problems, there are advantages and disadvantages to weigh before making such a significant choice.

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