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Facts To Know About Loose Diamonds Online

by rauschmayer
Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds can light up anything. They are considered to be girls’ closest best friends. The beauty of any jewelry – say it be rings, pendants, earrings, or any other thing – diamonds have the tendency to light them all. If you wish to have gleaming statements – consider buying diamonds, they’ll do the job nicely. 

Whether you are looking to buy loose GIA diamonds as an investment or for gifting purposes, this short guide will help you throughout. 

What Are GIA Certified Loose Diamonds? 

GIA-certified loose diamonds are the ones that are graded by an institute namely the Gemological Institute of America. It is considered the most reputable and renowned grading institute in the world. It performs a rigorous and accurate process while coming to grading the color and clarity of the diamonds. These two attributes are the most prominent to be looked at in gia-certified loose diamonds. 

Why Is It Important To Buy GIA Certified Loose Diamonds?

Some reasons making it crucial to go for GIA Certified Loose Diamonds are :

  • The diamond’s GIA certification attests to its testing and grading as a natural diamond.
  • The diamond’s GIA certification attests to its excellence (e.g. GIA cut grades)
  • The diamond’s value is disclosed through GIA certification to both the buyer and the seller.

Simply put, a buyer cannot be confident about the true value of a diamond without certification. Its fair price cannot be established as a result.

In addition to knowing the precise GIA diamond price with a GIA certification, the diamond has a higher resale value due to the supporting documentation.

A special number that is frequently engraved on the diamond’s girdle or outer edge is also included in the GIA report. Using this number, you can read all of the report’s grading information and access the GIA’s online global report database for verification.

Can You Buy Diamonds Directly From GIA? 

The GIA does not sell diamonds since it is an independent grading organization. It also doesn’t mine, purchase, or engage in commercial diamond trading.

In actuality, neither the GIA nor anybody affiliated with it participates in the valuation or pricing of diamonds. The GIA’s main goal is to guarantee that accurate diamond grading judgments are made in a fair and impartial manner.

Only diamonds that are graded by GIA are certified, and in those cases, a written report with a unique number is issued. A copy of this file, which is retained in the gem laboratory, is sent back to the jeweler with the diamond.

If you are looking to buy gia-certified loose diamonds, prefer to go to a reputable buyer or jeweler such as rauschmayer. We are offering gia-certified loose diamonds in various cuts such as round, princess, Asscher, radiant, marquise, pear, heart, and oval that you can pick from as per your preference. 

Perks Of Buying GIA Certified Loose Diamonds

Color & Clarity

It might be challenging to judge a pre-set diamond’s clarity. Although there is nothing wrong with this, settings are frequently used to mask the appearance of imperfections. It is better to know what you are getting upfront rather than receiving a rude surprise should you decide to reset the diamond in the future. Likewise, warm-toned metals like rose gold and yellow gold will make the diamond look whiter. 


To evaluate a loose diamond’s cut quality, use an Idealscope reflector or a set of Hearts and Arrows viewers. A buyer must trust their eyes and the diamond certificate because these tools cannot be utilized effectively on a mounted diamond. Neither of these, however, will provide a complete picture of the cut quality. When purchasing a loose diamond online, the top vendors offer ASET, Idealscope, and Hearts and Arrows imaging to give you a complete and accurate picture of the stone’s cut quality and light performance.

Choosing The Perfect

Each diamond is different. The jeweler has already chosen that one diamond to place into the setting whether you go to a jewelry store or purchase a pre-set diamond ring online. You might fall in love with a ring only to learn that the central diamond doesn’t meet your standards for color, clarity, or cut. This can result in compromising. When you choose a loose diamond, you have complete freedom to choose the precise qualities you want and from among hundreds of settings to design the ideal engagement ring. You could also buy a loose diamond and let your significant other picks the setting for your proposal.


You can stick strictly to your budget by being able to fine-tune and adjusting the settings for your search for loose diamonds. When choosing a loose diamond and a setting separately from a pre-set ring, which is offered with a total price, you can see exactly where your money is going.

Is It Effective To Buy GIA Certified Loose Diamonds?

Although buying gia-certified loose diamonds aren’t always less expensive than their mounted counterparts, they do have the advantage of giving consumers a “full picture” because there are no imperfections concealed by prongs or color concealed by a setting. Online purchases of loose diamonds will be far less expensive than retail purchases.

The factors that will have a huge effect on your search are going to be diamond costs and individual budgets. Purchases of gia-certified loose diamonds offer complete transparency and give you entire financial control with no compromises or unpleasant surprises.

Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds Online To Fit In Your Favorite Accessories

If you are looking to shop for gia-certified loose diamonds, visit rauschmayer. We have got the best collections with higher grades that feature different cuts to fit almost everybody’s choices. Walk through our website and you’ll find cuts like round, princess, Asscher, heart, oval, pear, marquise, and radiant. Pick as per your preference and get it fitted in your favorite jewelry pieces to reflect maximum brilliance and charm. 

Apart from https://rauschmayer.us/certified-loose-diamonds

gia-certified loose diamonds, we are offering you sparkle in diamond accessories like engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond rings, and other fine jewelry pieces that will help you deliver bold and sophisticated statements.

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