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Blunders To Avoid While Buying Engagement Rings

by rauschmayer

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement rings, you are provided with endless options that eventually get you confused. So, create your own engagement ring and deliver a love statement the way you want it to be. Customize your engagement ring from start to finish and let it interpret the love that defines your story, or the feelings that you have for your partner. 

Be careful, there are a lot of things that you need to consider while you are planning to create your own engagement ring. Let’s have a look at some of these blunders that you need to avoid while selecting your perfect piece. 

Be Careful About The Thickness of Rings

When we’re prepared to pop the question, we frequently have only the diamond on our minds. Folks, don’t forget the portion that secures it on your finger! That’s correct, band or the ring. Since you will constantly be pressing it up against your fingers, you obviously want it to feel wonderful. Right. That requires getting the width and thickness exactly right the first time. Put some significant thinking into whether you want a wide band, a slim one, a comfort-fit, a knife-edge, etc. because it’s quite difficult to adjust after the fact. Discover what you enjoy by trying some on!

Does the Size of Rings Actually Matter? 

Not because the diamond is unimportant… It really does matter a lot. Do you desire a huge rock? Something more understated? The bespoke rings will be made (or at the very least should be) to precisely fit your special diamond, down to hundredths of millimeters. It is crucial. And once you’ve chosen a style where the setting is heavily integrated into the band, such as a bezel, it can be difficult to adjust it afterward. The improper diamond size could need you to completely redo your jewelry. You may test out stone sizes if you are planning to create your own engagement ring from the comfort of your couch with our try-at-home kit!

Bad DIY Cleaning Methods 

The strongest item you should use, according to Moeller, is dish soap. When removing residue from diamonds, denatured alcohol can be helpful, but you should never use it on softer gemstones like pearls, opals, emeralds, or rings. Other stones that won’t hold up well to a severe treatment include coral and turquoise. Lemon juice or other acids can also harm porous stones or delicate objects.

Some people will advise using toothpaste to clean jewelry. Despite the fact that it can clean silver or tarnish, it is still far too harsh. Over time, it will cause the metal to tarnish and the stones to acquire minute scratches.

Unknowledgable Purchase

You need to know about Diamonds and rings settings thoroughly before making a purchase. The cut, carat, color, and clarity of the diamond are exactly what we should see and know before making a substantial purchase. The second thing you’ll be considering is the various ring settings that’ll complement the different diamond shapes and results in maximum brilliance and charm. 

Be Unique, Don’t Copy 

The majority of jewelry designers won’t copy another jeweler’s creations that you admire but may be out of your price range. You can use it to inspire them in terms of style and appearance, but asking them to copy another designer’s creation is not acceptable in the business. Work together with your designer to produce something that is unique and depicts your love story. 

Don’t Go For Sharp or Protruding Edges

Some designs are prone to snagging or even injuring other jewelry because they contain angles, corners, or unstable areas. It is occasionally possible to create projecting or sharp angular components, but only with caution. You can bring in any design, but be receptive to advise and believe that your engagement ring designer (or at least, a good one with a wonderful reputation) has your best interests at heart. A skilled designer will be able to advise you on these matters. So, choose wisely, if you are going to shop for engagement rings that you wear on a daily basis. Else, the best way is to create your own engagement ring that best suits your preferences. 

Get It Done From a Professional

Use seasoned personnel who are qualified to complete the work at a high standard—this should go without saying. There are a lot of excellent designers out there, but have their creations stood the test of time? Do they provide conflict-free, environmentally sustainable diamond rings? Do they hold gemological certifications, which you seek in a diamond broker? Do they offer diamond certificates and certify your diamond? Is their work backed by a guarantee? Are the products manufactured somewhere else (you’d be astonished at how many so-called “custom jewelers” don’t truly produce their products in the studio)? 

Remember, if you are planning to create engagement rings that define your love, get it done by a gemologist that is truly a professional and can do wonders. 


Be On The Alert For Mistakes And Create Something That You Can Be Proud Of

There are so many blunders and mistakes that you need to think about before you are planning to create your own engagement ring, so think wisely, and consider all the above-mentioned points. Build engagement rings the way you want them to be, just make sure, It’s worth it and it is perfect – Just the way you were hoping it to be. 

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