The Rauschmayer headquarters is located in Pforzheim in Southwestern Germany on the Northern edge of the Black Forest. Known as the “Golden City” of Germany, the region has been processing gold and jewelry for more than 250 years. About 70% of German jewelry comes from Pforzheim. In addition to state-of-the-art jewelry manufacturing, Pforzheim also hosts many companies engaged in handicrafts, traditional metal processing technology and watch manufacturing. Rauschmayer established itself in the region where it could take advantage of the natural talent and resources that would enable it to rise as a premiere brand and manufacturer of gold and diamond jewelry. Rauschmayer's success is a combination of vision, masterful handcrafting, high technological CNC machines, sophisticated designers, excellent customer service, and a highly trained staff and sales team.


The Rauschmayer brand was founded in 1963 by Roland Rauschmayer. Initially, the company began in just 12 square meters with 3 employees. By 1970 the Rauschmayer brand steadily grew becoming well-established in the German market. At this time, Roland Rauschmayer acquired a much larger space where he expanded his efforts. By 1996, Rauschmayer had become a leading brand in the wedding ring industry throughout Europe. Rauschmayer celebrated their 30-year Anniversary at the Cathedral of Palma in Spain, joined by Princess Briggita of Sweden. 

The Rauschmayer Castle

In 2008 Roland Rauschmayer bought a 450-year-old castle near Stuttgart. After spending the following years restoring and renovating the Renaissance structure, the development and marketing department took up residence in its ancient walls. Since then, The Rauschmayer Castle has become a premiere location for weddings and a host of other events. We call it the “Castle of Love.” Just like the Rauschmayer brand spirit, everything is related to love. 

Rauschmayer Worldwide

Currently, Rauschmayer has more than 1,500 sales outlets worldwide in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Poland, The Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, The Philippines, China, and The United States. Rauschmayer offices are located in Pforzheim/Stuttgart, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Los Angeles. 

With more than 50 years of experience in the design, development, and production of wedding rings and engagement rings, Rauschmayer has been a leading figure in both craftsmanship and technology. 

We hire only the most skilled designers because we know a ring must be beautiful; it will be worn every day and night for all occasions year after year... and it must feel comfortable to wear. We hire only the best craftsman because we know a ring must endure, not only a lifetime but for generations to come. We offer impeccable customer service because, indeed, we understand that our customers are not buying a product; they are buying the promise of a lifetime.

Social Responsibility

As CEO, Chris Rauschmayer states, "It is very important to share the success we have with disadvantaged groups. Such a move will eventually allow us and our customers to have a joint impact on society."

"Success naturally also means responsibility"

Rauschmayer has always adhered to this concept and has been actively committed to the development of various charitable causes. We have implemented this unique social responsibility into the company's culture and daily affairs. In 2018, Rauschmayer and Reiner Meutsch's charity foundation FLY & Amp; HELP conducted long-term cooperation to promote education in developing countries. In that same year, Rauschmayer established a technical school in Ghana to provide high-school education and technical training for young people aged 14-18. We firmly believe that good education with lasting influence is the best way to solve poverty in West Africa.  

We continue our involvement in various programs, cooperation, and opportunities where we believe we can make a difference. At Rauchmayer we are forever committed to making the world a better place to live for everyone.

Our Promise Of Perfection

Designing jewelry with perfect elegance is a daunting task; At rauschmayer, we take great care of engraving it right. All our jewels have our gemologist's hard work, passion, and expertise.  From our design team, expert craftsmen, and jewelry consultants, everyone here at RAUSCHMAYER shares a common desire to provide each customer with breathtaking timeless jewelry pieces.Take a closer look at your favorite diamond pieces in HD view that will leave you astonished with their glamourous charm.